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We're always innovating at Far Out Toys, and can't help but share some of our newest brands. Look out for these toys and more at mass retail soon!

Snot Nose.png

Ready or Snot!? 

Ready or snot, here it comes! Snot Nose is the multi-player roulette style game, where you must rely on the luck of the draw. Choose wisely, or you will get snotted with a slimy concoction that you can create yourself


Score 4 to Win!

The high-intensity skill & action game where you load up your blaster, aim and release! Pop out the plastic pieces and send them flying, or block your opponent from doing the same. First player to pop out all pieces is the Tic Tak Pop Block champ!


Pop the Pot and Win!

The unpredictable family game where you add ingredients to the pot and tap the top. If you time it just right, the lobster will pop! Players earn points by adding up the numbers on the ingredients when the lobster pops. The player who collects the most points wins!


The Drones have invaded - and it's up to you to take 'em down! 

Our new Drone Slayer recruits kids everywhere to join the global battle against evil drones invading from the sky and lurking in the shadows. Every set comes with a high-powered dart blaster and a drone that explodes into pieces upon impact!