Splash Out

Play the Splash Out Challenge with friends, family, classmates or just about anyone. As seen by more than 8+ million viewers on YouTube.

Splash Out


Comes with everything needed to play the Splash Out Challenge:

  • 1 Splash Out Ball with timer
  • 20 Water-resistant Splash Out Challenge Cards
  • 24 Standard-size balloons
  • 1 Hose adapter nozzle
  • 1 Small balloon adaptor cup
  • 10 reusable Quick-Seal balloon clips

How To Buy

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PLayinG Tips


Plan ahead! Fill several balloons and keep them handy in a bucket or bowl, so that when one game finishes, you’re
ready for another.


If you use the water bottle method to fill your splash out balloon, why not try something other than water. Get

Game PLay

As an alternative to the playing cards, make it personal. Come up with words to describe a player in the game. If others disagree, you get Splashed Out!

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