Our Core VaLues

Our commitment extends to not only the products but to the very principles of how we choose to conduct ourselves as a company. We strive to make the connection between how our company operates to all aspects of fair play, integrity and respect for the imagination of every individual.

We are industry regulars who pride ourselves in past and present contributions to the toy industry. We are lean minded, yet open to new learning and experimentation. We recognize the need for humility and respect in how we work together with our many partners and in how we offer our gift of invention to the world.

Our strategy for success is simple. While we are small, or may never be the biggest toy company in the industry, we do believe we can be the best toy company in the world

We have a tremendous reach for new innovation and the best ideas the industry has to offer. As firm believers in the idea that collective intelligence is far greater that any one individual, we embrace the toy inventor community and concept development from a vast range of resources beyond our office walls. We recognize the importance of working together to succeed. We are not lone wolf players, we run with a pack of likeminded progressive and always positive thinkers and doers.

OUr COmPanY iS SmaLL,
buT nOT SmaLLminDeD

We have a wealth of experience working as industry executives in all the major multi-national toy companies on the planet. We aim to deliver unique high quality play experiences with a level sophistication that is ordinarily reserved for only the biggest players in the business.

We launch and grow our key product initiatives with mass media full TV advertising support. We utilize entertainment programming to build a full range experience in our product offerings. Yet we remain unencumbered by the shackles of bureaucracy.

enD To enD resources

Our group includes resources from design to production with our in-house manufacturing and creative team we deliver innovation and value unmatched by our competition.